AUCOTEAM is a Berlin-based company characterised by innovation prowess, growth and responsibility

We develop customer-specific solutions to tasks and challenges pertaining to automation and software, we are actively involved in order development and R&D, we deliver on manufacturing tasks and operate on a global scale as a certified testing services provider. Attributes such as creativity, versatile performance and reliability, a down-to-earth quality and forward entrepreneurial thinking, sustainability and commercial responsibility are all well received by the market. AUCOTEAM today has firmly established its roots in business, and enjoys excellent prospects for its own stability and continued growth.

Automation & Software Testlab Manufacturing

Facts and figures

Established on 30 April 1991
101 members of staff – engineers and skilled professionals
Four business divisions
Executive Director: Bernd Rhiemeier and
Jan Frederik Seidel

Professional association memberships

Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
BG Energie Textil Elektro, Membership no.: 0 106 959 4
Verband innovativer Unternehmen (VIU)
Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik (GFaI)


The AUCOTEAM test laboratory has been accredited by the DAkkS pursuant to German Industry Standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005. The accreditation applies to climatic, mechanical and corrosive environmental stresses.


Quality Management

We have been working with a Quality Management System since 1995 that meets German Industry Standard DIN EN ISO 9001, in order to be able to provide products and services that fulfil customer expectations.


IT Certification

We work in line with recognised standards. AUCOTEAM holds IT certificates issued by renowned industry organisations. Our certificates document the qualification of (and skills set maintained by) our IT team.


Innovation Management

Innovation prowess and competitive ability are closely interlinked. Implementation of sophisticated R&D projects is a source of our company’s growth. We provide R&D services and order development.


Working for AUCOTEAM

Members of staff use their extensive range of options to actively shape their working environments and participate in the company’s commercial success.
We place equal value on the acquisition, integration and development of young professionals as we do on preserving the knowledge and skills of more senior members of staff. Our members of staff work together on the development of effective solutions – to the benefit of our customers.

Managing Directors of AUCOTEAM GmbH

Bernd Rhiemeier and Jan Frederik Seidel

Bernd Rhiemeier and Jan Frederik Seidel, AUCOTEAM GmbH

Advisory Committee at AUCOTEAM GmbH

The advisory committee is both appointed and dismissed by the shareholders’ meeting. Its tasks include the appointment and dismissal of Executive Directors and authorised representatives, the monitoring of liquidity and operating in an advisory capacity with regard to the company’s positive business development.

Wolfgang Lau
Wolfgang Lau
Member of Advisory Committee

1991 – 2010 Managing Director

Werner Zuchhold
Werner Zuchhold
Member of Advisory Committee

1991 – 2014 Managing Director

Foundation of AUCOTEAM GmbH

Foundation of AUCOTEAM GmbH in April, 1991

Company history

There were some consultants back in 1991 who wouldn’t even give us six months – and in 2016 AUCOTEAM turned 25. We even managed to conclude the first quarter century with the most successful year of business in the company’s history, giving us real confidence to kick-start the next 25 years.

Foundation & Shareholders

36 shareholders signed the AUCOTEAM GmbH Articles of Association on 30 April 1991. The all had previously worked for Elektro-Apparate-Werke Berlin. But the roots of AUCOTEAM GmbH stretch all the way back to the year 1946 

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