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Energy industry

In our energy industry division we develop systems used in the remote-technical recording, processing and delivery of data. As well as for superordinate systems, for the purpose of participating in the secondary control power market, and for the pooling of smaller-scale producers in virtual power stations.

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Industry-ready solutions for transmission system operators as well as providers and distributors within the secondary control power market

AUCOTEAM has many years of experience under its belt in the delivery of specialist network control technology system solutions. With our proprietary “UNIDAS” system concept (universal data processing system) we can support a number of application cases. Examples include:

  • Systems at the process coupling level
  • Configurable telecontrol protocol converter
  • Power frequency controller

Frequency measuring devices, data concentrators, dispatch multipliers and straightforward telecontrol sub-stations.


As a member of the “VHPReady” industry forumwe have joined forces with other renowned stakeholders across the energy industry for the interdisciplinary standardisation of decentralised energy plants. We always adapt our systems to the formulated goal, in order to establish a comprehensively valid, open communication standard for energy producers, energy distributors, energy accumulators and energy consumers. With the support of industry standards we can enable, for example, the seamless execution of pre-qualification procedures for transmission system operators, for the delivery of balancing energy.

Our service spectrum for the energy industry

  • Frequency control
  • Management of secondary control power
  • Telecontrol via IEC 60870-5 and
    IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2)
  • Preparation of information for SCADA systems
  • Industry-specific consulting services

Working areas
  • Function processor systems for control technology (process interfacing, power frequency regulator, telecontrol nodes)
  • Virtual power stations
  • System for the management of secondary control power
  • Remote substation with open LAN protocols for ongoing data processing
  • Protocol converter
  • SCADA systems to visualise telecontrol data
  • Testing technology for the syntactical and semantic testing of remote communication

Selected projects

Virtual power plant

Process data management for the energy turnaround

Information control technology for electrical transmission and distribution networks

SRL Management

Management of secondary control power

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