Mechanical testing

    The AUCOTEAM test laboratory conducts mechanical testing: Vibration, shock, wideband noise, sinusoidal vibration, vibration with temperature and humidity overlay, as well as vibration with temperature change and climate overlay at the accredited test laboratory.

    Our modern testing technology covers a large number of mechanical-dynamic testing needs.

    In our test laboratory we have 4 vibration testing systems at our disposal, each with different force and vibration capabilities. In addition to vertical loads, sliding tables are also used to apply a horizontal load to meet the requirements of use.

    Three of our “shakers” are fitted with a manoeuvrable climatic chamber. Combined testing with temperature and/or humidity overlay can be executed.

    We can advise you on the design of suitable clamping devices. The test sockets can be produced in our mechanical workshop.

    Shock testing

    • Shock
    • Permanent shock with or without temperature and humidity overlay
    • sinusoidal half-wave, trapezoid and saw tooth

    Vibration testing

    • Vibration testing (sinus, noise)
    • Vibration, wide-band noise
    • Vibration, sinusoidal
    • Mixed mode vibration testing
    • Sine-On-Random
    • Resonance search
    • Dwell
    • Time signal profiles

    Combined testing

    • Vibration with temperature and humidity overlay
    • Vibration, wide-band noise with temperature and humidity
    • Vibration, sinusoidal with temperature and humidity
    • Shock with temperature and air humidity
    • Sine-On-Random with temperature and humidity


    • Automotive, motor vehicle
    • Rail
    • Aviation
    • Shipping
    • Medical technology
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Construction machinery
    • Commercial transport
    • Packaging tests
    • Industry


    • DIN EN 60068-2-6:
      Vibration (sinusoidal) – Testing Fc
    • DIN EN 60068-2-27:
      Shock – testing Ea
    • DIN EN 60068-2-53:
      Combined climatic and dynamic testing
    • DIN EN 60068-2-64:
      Vibration, wide-band noise
    • DIN EN 60068-2-80:
      Mixed mode vibration testing – Testing Fi

    Standards and industries

    • DIN EN 61373:
      Operating resources for rail vehicles – exposure to vibration and shock
    • DIN EN 50125:
      Rail applications – vibrations and shocks
      DNV GL:
      Shipping applications – vibration
    • Lloyds Register:
      Shipping applications – vibration
    • RTCA DO-160:
      Aviation applications – exposure to vibration and shock
    • MIL STD:
      Department of Defence – exposure to vibration and shock
    • ISTA:
      Packaging testing for exposure to vibration and shock
    • ISO 16750:
      Road vehicles – mechanical loads
      LV 124:
      Components in cars – vibration testing, mechanical shock, mechanical continuous shock
    • LV 214:
      Vehicle connector – dynamic loads and shock
    • Claas CN 050215:
      Components for the category of agricultural machines – combined testing for vibration with a temperature cycle overlay, sinusoidal vibration and shock
    • John Deere Standards JDQ53.1 / JDQ 201 / JDQ 202:
      Components for John Deere agricultural machines, resonance search & dwell, combined testing for vibration with a temperature cycle overlay, sinusoidal vibration and shock
    • MAN:
      M3256 components for MAN commercial vehicles, resonance testing, impact tests, noise and sine testing