• Company History

Company History

There were some consultants back in 1991 who wouldn’t even give us six months – and in 2016 AUCOTEAM turned 25. We even managed to conclude the first quarter century with the most successful year of business in the company’s history, giving us real confidence to kick-start the next 25 years.

An anniversary publication was released to mark the company’s 25th anniversary. Discover the exciting story behind the early days of AUCOTEAM GmbH along with contributions on our latest work; there are also articles by our long-term customers and partners, which we are particularly delighted about.

The publication is available in German language.


It was the year 1990, just a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the weeks that followed the euphoria, which was triggered by the opening of national borders, initial concerns started to take hold. Would our Centre for Research and Technology (ZFT) be able to survive? We made it. 


The roots of AUCOTEAM GmbH stretch all the way back to the year 1946 – and the establishment of the company “Wissenschaftlich-technisches Büro für Gerätebau” (WTBG). This section contains the important milestones in our development from then to now.

About the founders

36 shareholders signed the AUCOTEAM GmbH Articles of Association on 30 April 1991. People’s respective motivations “to get involved” were just as diverse as the characters of the founding shareholders.


Without the trust, participation and commitment of the company’s workforce, the transformation from EAW Treptow GmbH to AUCOTEAM and the development of our company would not have been possible.

Welcoming address by Wolfgang Thierse to mark the 25th company anniversary

Wolfgang Thierse

Wolfgang Thierse, Former President of the German Parliament (Bundestag)

25 years – Berlin’s AUCOTEAM GmbH shares its age with German reunification! When I think back to the early days, this was certainly not a given. After the demise of the GDR, which also in essence represented an economic collapse, a number of engineers wanted to rescue “Elektro-Apparate-Werk (EAW)”, a research centre run by the former GDR, by attempting to transform it into an entity that would be compatible with a market economy. Their intelligence, creativity and manpower would be given the opportunity it needed in the form of a so-called Management Buyout (MBO), a concept that at that time originated from the US economy and which was used to describe a situation where managers “purchased” the business operation they were running from a larger business or group of companies.