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    AUCOTEAM Testlab

Artifical weathering

The AUCOTEAM test laboratory conducts artificial weathering tests (UV resistance and precipitation) as well as testing in line with DIN EN ISO 4892-3 and DIN EN ISO 11507 in its accredited test laboratory.

Testing in line with DIN EN ISO 4892-3 and DIN EN ISO 1150

  • Method A: Artificial weathering
    (Type UVA-340, 45 W/m 2 at 290 … 400 nm)
  • Method B: Daylight behind windowpane
    (Type UVA-351, 0,76 W/m 2/nm at 340 nm

Assessment by way of visual inspection using a microscope with regard to:

  • Tearing formation
  • Colour changes
  • Other surface changes

Global-UV testing device model UV 200 RB/20 DU

Potential load testing variations:

Continuous and cyclical exposure (“On/Off”) during constant or changing climates with or without precipitation.