Impact protection rating (IK) testing (vandalism)

    Whether it involves an impact protection rating (IK) code, mechanical load testing, impact resistance, spring hammer, swing hammer or standard hammer – our testing engineers know exactly what to do. In the AUCOTEAM test laboratory we test your products for their durability and resistance against vandalism.

    Impact and shock resistance in line with DIN EN 50102:

    We test at the AUCOTEAM test laboratory:

    • IK01
    • IK02
    • IK03
    • IK04
    • IK05
    • IK06
    • IK07
    • IK08
    • IK09
    • IK10
    • IK11

    Impact protection rating (IK) testing for numerous industries:

    • Automotive, motor vehicle
    • Rail
    • Aviation
    • Shipping
    • Medical technology
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Construction machinery
    • Commercial transport
    • Industry
    • Military technology