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    AUCOTEAM Testlab

IP protection class testing

The AUCOTEAM test laboratory conducts protection class testing for numerous industries and application cases. In our accredited test laboratory we test dust protection, contact protection, foreign body protection and water protection, and also conduct sealing integrity tests.

Your options at our certified test laboratory:


  • IP protection class testing (IP code)
  • Sealing testing
  • Dust testing
  • Water testing:
    Spray water, splash water, jet water, dripping water, splash water
  • Protection against foreign bodies
  • Touch protection
  • Dive testing:
    Intermittent or permanent dipping
  • High-pressure steam jet cleaning
  • Thermo shock testing:
    Temperature shock with splash water, temperature shock dipping


  • Automotive, motor vehicle
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Medical technology
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Commercial transport
  • Industry
  • Military technology

Protection classes

  • IP1X – Protection against solid foreign bodies, bearings >Ø50 mm / access to hazardous parts, back of the hand
  • IP2X – Protection against solid foreign bodies, bearings >Ø12.5 mm / access to hazardous parts, fingers
  • IP3X – Protection against solid foreign bodies, rod >Ø2.5 mm / access to hazardous parts, tool
  • IP4X – Protection against solid foreign bodies, bearings >Ø1.0 mm / access to hazardous parts, wire
  • IP5X – Dust testing (dust protected)
  • IP5KX – Dust testing (dust protected)
  • IP6X – Dust testing (dust density)
  • IP6KX – Dust testing (dust density)
  • IPX1 – Protected against drip water testing
  • IPX2 – Protected against drip water testing, when the housing is tilted at an angle up to 15°
  • IPX3 – Protected against spray water testing
  • IPX4 – Protected against splash water testing
  • IPX4K – Protected against splash water testing with increased pressure
  • IPX5 – Protected against jet water
  • IPX6 – Protected against strong jet water
  • IPX6K – Protected against strong spray water with increased pressure
  • IPX7 – Protected against intermittent dipping
  • IPX8 – Protected against permanent dipping
  • IPX9 – Protected against high pressure and high jet water temperatures
  • IPX9K – High-pressure jet steam cleanin

JIS Standard

  • Rain test – R1
  • Rain test – R2
  • Spray test – S1
  • Spray test – S2
  • Dip test – D1
  • Dip test – D2
  • Dip test – D3


  • static Dust
  • dynamic Dust


  • blowing Dust
  • blowing Sand

Testing L: Dust and sand

  • Testing La: Non-abrasive fine dust method La2: Constant air pressure
  • Testing Lc: Fan test with dust and sand method Lc1: Circulation chamber

LV 124

  • M-03 Dust testing
  • K-10 Water protection – IPX0 to IPX6K
  • K-11 High-pressure / steam jet cleaning
  • K-12 Temperature shock with splash water
  • K-13 Temperature shock dipping

LV 214

  • PG23 Water tightness#
  • Dipping with pressure difference
  • Line movement during dipping with pressure difference