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    AUCOTEAM Testlab

Electrical testing

The AUCOTEAM test laboratory conducts electrical testing: Testing of high-voltage resistance and insulation resistance, PE conducted tests / measurement of leakage current, online testing, contact monitoring.

Electrical testing is a component part of various testing processes, and can be used for example within the framework of approval procedures for electricity meters for the PTB.

Electrical testing in the AUCOTEAM test laboratory

  • High-voltage resistance ( up to 5kV AC/DC )
  • Insulation resistance ( up to 1kV DC )
  • Protective conductor / leakage current
  • Contact monitoring (up to 1ms )
  • 500 voltage measurement channels with 1 sample / s
  • 200 voltage measurement channels with more than 1 sample / s
  • 90 voltage measurement channels with 200,000 samples / s
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  • Elektrische Prüfungen

Isolation resistance testing, high-voltage testing

A high level of insulation resistance means that measurable currents on the surface of the test sample will only occur with the presence of a correspondingly high voltage. It defines the maximum leakage current that is permitted under standardised testing conditions (predefined voltage) within a defined testing framework.