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    AUCOTEAM Testlab

Plug connector testing

Especially with comprehensive component tests such as the testing of connectors in line with IEC 60512 and LV 214, customers of the test laboratory can rest assured that they have a contact partner for the entire validation process.

In addition to climatic mechanical loads, testing can also include

  • De-rating
  • Dry circuit testing or
  • Special pressure testing

as part of our offer.

As part of providing a comprehensive service spectrum for plug connectors, the test laboratory has designed and commissioned a specialised drop test drum, which corresponds to the requirements set out in IEC 60512 and LV 214.

Your benefits:

  • Adjustable drop heights
  • A freely definable number of revolutions
  • Interchangeable impact surfaces such as wood, steel and concrete

We tests among other things:

  • Plug connector force (pressure-tension)
  • Plug connector in the climatic testing chamber with permanent electrical monitoring