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Compression-tension testing

It is the automotive industry above all others that is showing an ever increasing reliance on component testing in place of vehicle testing. This results in increasingly complex testing procedures being demanded for small electrical components such as sensors and connectors, e.g. as set out in the LV 214 testing regulation for connectors as well as in customer-specific specification sheets.

Two pressure-tension testing facilities by Zwick/ Roell up to 100 kN

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We test:

  • Force or position controlled
  • Testing speed from 0.001 mm / min up to 1,500 mm / min seamlessly adjustable
  • Cyclical stress loading possible
  • Control and assessment using software
  • Result assessment in tabular form
  • Assessment, e.g. using a force-path diagram
  • With contact monitoring

Examples of pressure-tension testing

  • Plug attachment force
    Pressure on connector until this is securely locked in place
  • Cable tension test
    Testing item fixed in place, tension via cable(s), multi-axial testing possible
  • Plug perforation strength
    Connector locked in, power increase e.g. up to 100 N
  • Pull-out force requirement
    Determining the force to pull out the plug when the connector lock is open
  • Connector lock retention force
    Connector locked in, tension via connector or line
  • Pin Push & Pull Test
    Pressure and tension applied directly to the pins, in part until there compression / removal is achieved
  • Housing stability
    Force exertion directly onto the housing, e.g. at pressure connections


  • ISO 527 Plastics – Determining the tension properties
  • ISO 604 Plastics – Determining the pressure properties
  • VW 80106 Plug connectors to and in electrical and electronic components in vehicles
  • LV 214 Vehicle connector

As well as a diverse range of company-specific specification sheets.