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Profile Werner Zuchhold

Werner Zuchhold

Werner Zuchhold

Co-founder of AUCOTEAM GmbH

  • Born 1947
  • General higher education entrance qualification and skilled worker’s certification as an electrical fitter
  • Degree in Information Technology at the TU Dresden
  • 1970:
    Admission to the Institute for Automatic Control (IfR) as a development engineer
  • 1975 – 1990:
    Spearheaded a diverse range of research topics, initially within analogue technology, before moving on to microprocessor technology; dedicated subject area expert, Group Head of R&D
  • 1990:
    Head of the business division Computer Technology at the Centre for Research and Technology
  • 1991 – 2014:
    Managing Director of AUCOTEAM GmbH
  • Member of the Advisory Committee at AUCOTEAM GmbH